Saturday, 10 May 2014

R&R @ Fraser's Hill - 1-4 May 2014

We really looked forward to our R&R retreat with fellow brothers and sisters. Life is so fast-paced that we rarely have time to reflect and get perspective on our own life and circumstance. We always love Fraser's Hill cos it's so slow-moving as if time has stood still in the hill. No planned programme or activity. No theme park around. No malls. Just close to nature.

The cool mountain air, stroll along the lush greenery, taking in the beauty of nature and the old colonial charm and enjoying the fellowship of friends.

The old Methodist House nestled deep within the forest.

Mushroom and fungi grow almost everywhere. Nature teaches us that for everything there is a season and timing.

The colourful silver-eared Mesia

A cool yellow smiley-faced crab-spider!

A wild ginger flower growing on top of the ground in the undergrowth. At first, I thought it's a new specie of Rafflesia.

A special Talent Show from the children and teens. Jin played the classical guitar solo and also a duet with Wei. Wei showed his new talent playing with the Chinese yo-yo.

A very good attempt for Brandon's first time presentation about his pen pal in Uganda, and a song entitled, 'Meet African Animals' thus his costume with toy animals!

While the judges were busy with the scores, the kids entertained us with the Frozen song!

So much laughter and applause for the night. Kids were happy with their presents. Brandon beamed from ear to ear, after he got his 1st prize.  

Awesome variations and different phases of mushrooms and other fungi.

Some wildlife and insects.

Take individual time to enjoy simple things to renew & recharge (R&R) 

.... or even in a group for rest & recreation (R&R)

Feel blessed to have a community of people who share a love for Christ and His truth. It's more than catching up with one another's life, more than any programme or activity, more than eating or having coffee. It's a way of life to want to be with the body, to share things together and to help and support one another. It's not always pleasant. If one member of the body is hurt, we share that burden. That's what fellowship is all about - seeing the reality of who we really are and with the community encouraging us to get off our individualistic way of life.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Go the Distance - April

Go, Go, Go!! April was the month of sports and games. The boys have their sports days, inter school sports and state level sports. I have gotten used to the extra hours of practising and the extra effort sending them everywhere. The boys both enjoy their school experience, and participating in sports or club is a key part of this. Win or lose, they'll learn a lot about themselves and their limits.

These days, sports day was not all about competition. It's a lot of Fun....

... doing a tribal dance

.... or a mummy race

.... walking barefoot on the tracks

..... to attend the Pharoah's wedding...

... a few of the invited guests

Jin just made it to the podium in the 200m race. 

For the record, Jin's comeback after a longgg hiatus.

 Wei has a very different experience in sports day this year. He's always very physical and the athletic one in the family. But this year, he surprised us with his participation in the cheerleading team!! He even played the role of a commander in the pre-sports marching competition. He's not the kind of person who seeks the limelight but as long as he can participate in something, he won't mind anything!!

The cheerleading and marching team led by Mrs Sarah Cheng, one of the most inspiring teachers in the school. 

This would be the last Sports Day for Wei in the primary school. And a memorable one too.

If there's something you're interested in but your school has no team or club, then start one. SJIS is a new school and being a new student, Jin joined the Chess Club at its infancy, with few active members for the first year. From playing amongst themselves, they eventually tried their hands in the inter schools and later state level tournaments. The chess club has become a popular club in the school these days. If you're passionate about it, do it, others will follow.

 Scale of the national age-group chess tournament!

A special appearance by the world-renowned Russian chess grand master, Garry Kasparov!

.... in full concentration....

A lot of what we learn in school we will forget, probably those we remember will be the experience of being on a team or a club??
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