Friday, 24 October 2014

Meet Disney - 23 Oct 2014

Disney,  a mixed shih-tzu breed, joined our family on 7 Oct. She's once a lost doggie. Found by a friend early in August, kept a while by another before we adopted her. Sure she has been through a lot, cos she looked forlorn and timid initially. We still don't know the color of her outer coat yet as it's still growing. The inner fur is white, and now we see patches of brown and gray coming out.

She's alert and responds to calls and other doggies too. The first few days she has already attracted quite a number of admirers. One of them even made its way inside the house, so bold!! Initially, she looked like a pregnant dog and walked in a funny way. I would faint if she's really pregnant. She's fitter now and could even squeeze herself out of the grille gate. We observe that she doesn't like the grass, doesn't go to anywhere  that's wet and does all her dirty business on dry concrete surface only. So likely she's an indoor pet before and a pampered one. At first she's fussy with food, but after all the running around in the compound and playing with the boys, she's always waiting for her food before meal time!

We hope this will work out and she'll be a great companion to the kids. After a few failed experiences dealing with more active, bigger dogs, we're happy with Disney. So far, she's very mild and has a soft barking sound. She's soooo quiet that hardly anyone knows we've a dog - so definitely not a guard dog quality. Shih tzu has low exercise requirement, that means, I don't have to nag my boys to walk the dog every day :) We still believe in adoption instead of buying from a pet shop. The timing for this adoption is perfect cos we are (at least I am), more prepared. Let's see.....

Teach English as a Volunteer - 16 Oct 2014

Posted by Xian Jin

My Mum volunteers at a learning centre for Myanmar refugee students in our neighbourhood. This centre is open from kindergarten all the way to upper primary level. She teaches English once a week as a volunteer. The students range from 12 to 19 years old. Sometimes the younger students also join in. During my school holidays, I help my Mum to teach the students.

On my first experience teaching them - many pairs of eyes stared at me while I stood awkwardly in front of them. Worse still, the younger class had to join in because their teacher was absent. I was really scared and luckily my Mum was there to support me.

My confidence started to wane as class started. My forehead was already sweating and my voice was getting softer. What more, they were giggling here and there and I just wanted to pass on to my Mum.

I shared with them about birds. I explained about birds' characteristics and behaviour and tried to make the lesson interesting. I could tell by their faces that they were enjoying it, with a flicker of recognition when looking at different birds.

Origami cranes! I taught them how to make paper cranes and they loved it. 

My next experience was different. My mum wasn't there to support me. However, I didn't plan to have lessons. I prepared games! They're more open to me this round because they knew me. We had a great time, playing Spelling Bee and others. We didn't even realise that we had passed the school hours!

It's a wonderful morning spending time with them and the experience took away my fear.

'Show and Tell', a nerve-wrecking experience! 

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