Monday, 2 January 2012

Ming's drawings

"My daddy, mummy, two koko (brothers) and me"

Hidden Pictures by 5-year old Ming
Can you find the list of things on the side-bar?

I) 3x sunglasses, 4x Humpty-Dumpty, 2x people playing frisbees, 1x bat, 2x Jack o'lantern, 2x skull, 4x Question marks, 2x doors, 1x robber

II) 3x nets, 4x ice-cream, 5x pears, 2x people, 3x butterflies, 2x American footballs, 4x bats, 5x tennis balls, 2x tiny fish, 1x door, 1x skull

III) 3x Humpty Dumpty, 1x plate, 2x ice-cream, 1x flying reindeer, 2x trampolin, 1x binocular, 1x fishing rod, 2x suitcases, 4x dollar notes, 3x sunglasses

Fighter jets MiG and Sukhoi in a rescue mission.....

Ming's lesson in astronomy.......

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