Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A new chapter - 3 Feb 2012

Posting by Xian Jin:

Friday 3rd marked the end of a chapter of my life. I left my primary school to a learning centre with mixed feelings. School took up a big part of my life. I went to a primary school that had followed the local education syllabus. I've enjoyed every moment of my school life. There was minimal homework and I did not go to any tuition that repeat what was taught in school. I enjoyed the pains and joy of growing up together including sharing our ups and downs, discovering our hobbies and interests, playing sports, doing homework and assignment in groups and doing fun and crazy things. I think the most important thing is the relationships I made with teachers and friends.

Many students think that school is boring and stressful. They spend a lot of time doing homework, going to tuition and studying for exams. There's another unschooling group who does not follow any curriculum and learn at their own pace. They also pursue learning in an independent way through natural life experiences. One blog has a very meaningful saying, "At the heart of it, it is about learning- the diversity and complexity of learning - and not whether one is schooled or homeschooled."

Many asked me why I would choose to go "homeschooling"..... especially when I would be sitting for UPSR at the end of the year. My parents explained both options of schooling and "homeschooling" to me. There is no right or wrong answers .... I think. It is a decision I made with my parents. "Homeschooling" is a very general term. I am going to a learning centre to prepare me for the IGCSE O level programme.

I'm now looking forward to the beginning of another chapter of my life - the new friends that I will meet and the relationships that I will make. But I will not forget the friends in my primary school.

My standard 6 friends.....

Wishes from friends and teachers

I want to thank all my teachers and friends who have contributed in my learning all these years in school. My apologies to all if I have caused you unhappiness in any way.


  1. OMG Xian Jin. After seeing this, YOUR ENGLISH IS REALLY REALLY PRO! O.O hahah, okay im being abnormal. :P God bless you. You and Zi Quan are our classmate forever. Dont forget to visit us. ;)

  2. Thanks for your comments......Hope you like our blog and comment more lah.


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