Friday, 15 February 2013

LRT : I Like Rakyat Transport - 15 Feb 2013

Jin is taking the LRT back from school every day, and it's a change from those days where he's chauffeured around to and fro school. He told me he's enjoying the public transportation route much better - to be in touch with the real world... and here's his thoughts on the public transit:

I could have sworn I just heard,
something that filled my heart with joy,
something that made me grow a beard,
something that...oh never mind.

It was the cars and buses,
roaring and whirring as they passed,
the click-clack of the train's wheels,
it was a sound to enjoy.

It was that troublemaker heat,
if he were alive I would fight him,
many a time have I not felt jealous
of the people in the train,
 with air-conditioners at full blast,
all for themselves.

It was the air,
the smoke polluted air,
the dust of the vehicles, 
the different odours of people.

It was a potent mixture, 
to breathe in the dust and smell the polluted air.
I wonder what it would be like without smell.
I would only be able to breathe.

All the hassle, all the waiting,
all the rain and all the queues,
but it was worth to see
the different types of people,
old, foreign, workers and students
and thankful I shall be.

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