Saturday, 6 April 2013

Delightful Beachcombing - 23 Mar 2013

Our water chalet at Avillion, Port Dickson. It's a family-friendly resort and still well-maintained with good service. We got away for a night to chill before our back to school family routine.

Spacious room, clean, no unpleasant smell in the toilet. And a good view facing the Straits of Malacca. Trying to spot some birds cos it's still the Raptor Watch month in March. Only spotted one or two raptors but could hear many chirping sounds from the tree birds. I felt calmer listening to the birds than the traffic noise. 

Surprise, surprise, we thought nothing of the small beach with white fine sand..... but there were many seashells there. It's a very relaxing and soothing activity picking up some of them, but told the kids to pick up only those empty seashells. At that point in time, we're totally unaware and oblivious to the infamous sand flies in Port Dickson!! Later, we realised we'd such a close call. (Must remember that sandflies become active after rain)

Seashells made nice, inexpensive momentos. At home, we tried to make some practical uses of our shell collection. We spent hours and days looking for the names or groups of the seashells.

Beautiful ways to decorate our home with shells. Keep it simple!

We wanted to stargaze at night - thought we have better chances to see the stars away from the light pollution in the city. That's the only time we could relax at the balcony. But it was a cloudy night. However, we stumbled upon something really creepy..... CRABS, an army of crabs! They were combing the beach for food before high tide sweeps them away. Low tide means time to eat!

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