Monday, 26 August 2013

Our Garden Birds

We're trying to instil the love of bird-watching in our kids. Daddy is discovering the joy of watching birds in the evenings, and identifying them with the kids. Many times, the kids started out with Daddy to watch the birds, but always managed detouring to the park to play football. We're not 'pro' yet, but we've some wonderful surprises in our bird-watching walkabout in our neighbourhood. So, it's really easy, and we do not have to even venture far, our country is blessed with so many species, right at our doorstep.

This is the easiest to spot - Oriental Magpie Robin and the most melodious bird in our neighbourhood. It sings in the early morning and in the evenings. That's why, they're also the target of unscrupulous people in the neighbourhood to catch and cage them.

Black-naped Oriole - they usually fly in pairs (can you spot the other half?)

We see a lot of the Yellow-vented Bulbul in our backyard these days, and the Robins as well.

Bulbul in the silhouette 

Pink-necked green pigeon - the most colourful pigeon in the world.

Asian Glossy Starling and they remind me of my 3 boys - very noisy!

 What a beauty - the "male" Olive-backed Sunbird. It's a tiny but active bird, often in pairs, with the males pursuing each other from treetop to treetop.

... unfortunately the female sunbird is usually duller and less attractive. I can't tell whether this is a brown-throated or olive-backed "female" sunbird cos the difference is very minute. There're a few flying together with the male olive-backed sunbird so I assume this is the same gang.

Pied Fantail - it's a sight especially when it displays its tail.

Do you notice anything uncommon in this Common Myna - look at the long, twisted and crooked claws!!

More Mynas...

Another common sight, the Pacific Swallow.

A blue-throated bee-eater

A tiny Common Tailorbird

Garden birds are very hard to identify unless you're a pro cos they are so fast and tiny in comparison to the water birds. Some of them camouflage very well with the surrounding too. That's why it's important to listen to the bird sounds too.

A tiny Scaly-breasted Munia

We're still trying (hard) to keep the boys with us when Daddy takes his evening walk to watch the birds. Most of the time they ended up in the park.... guess it's more fun to play than to watch quietly. 

We recommend this guide book for all beginners, ie the "Birds of Malaysia" By G.W.H. Davidson and Yeap Chin Aik. It's small and handy to bring along in our bird-watching walkabout!


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