Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A Splashing Time - 3 Aug 2013

Posting by Xian Wei

I went for an overnight camp in the school with the prefects, librarians and teachers. After all the hard work, the teachers decided for the prefects and librarians to have some fun. 

It was a splashing, splendid camp. This was my favourite group photo. 

BBQ time!!! I did not eat the chicken because I did not want to eat a half-cooked chicken. Actually I helped them to barbecue the chicken.

Reject, reject, reject - burnt chicken wings and marshmallows. Yikes!!!

We were excited building a campfire; we sang our hearts out the scout song: "Ging Gang Gooli" and many others.

"The Egg Crasher"
We have to crack the eggs with our foreheads. If the player hits a raw egg, he/she earns a point. If the player hits a boiled egg (like me), he/she does not get a point. It was surely a messy game. We also played hide-and-seek and paper hunting.

We continued to play dodge ball and volleyball even at midnight.

I slept very late at 2 a.m. Everybody was so tired but a few of us still wanted to stay awake to play board games with our friends.

The next day, we have to hit our friends under the knees with newspaper batons. It was a rough game that the girls didn't like so much.

This was my favourite game. Even the teachers joined us. We had to fill balloons and guns with water to throw to the other team. It was very fun. I have a hard time tying the water balloons. I hardly used the water gun because it was hard to fill. We even shot the teachers with water balloons and guns.

Totally drenched and cold when the wind was blowing to us. I have a magical time with all my friends and teachers.

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