Monday, 25 November 2013

Father & Son Camp - 8&9 Nov 2013

Posting by Xian Wei

My first Father and Son camp with daddy in Tapah, which was organised by Focus on the Family. We're supposed to go last year but the weather was extremely bad that time and we've to cancel the trip at the very last minute. That's why I was thrilled the weather was better this year. 

This was our first task setting up the tent together.

We played balloon badminton with a bath towel. I was nervous because I thought the balloon would fall off.

Understanding each other is important in communication. 

We also played Obstacle Course. We crawled as fast as we could to get to the other side.

 I couldn't balance properly because the log was shaky.

The fathers helped one another. It would be tough to get up there on my own.

Teamwork saved the day!

It was tricky. I sometimes got stuck at the net. My daddy was fit.

Night trekking near the camp site. I was looking everywhere to see if there were leeches. At one point we had to turn off the lights and I heard the sound of crickets. 

We got back to the tent very late. I took a shower and it was FREEZING cold but I didn't mind for I was hot. In the tent, I even watched Pacific Rim with daddy!!!!

Guiding my father was hard especially when blindfolded. After this game my father learnt to trust me more.

The next day, we've to cook our own lunch. We had fried rice and chicken wings for lunch. I'm glad the fried rice was tasty.

On the way to the waterfall .....

It's refreshing at the waterfall after the long and sweaty trek. Very cooling.

Having a splash with my new friends.

Our group photo at the waterfall...

A few people walked with torn shoes all the way out on rocky ground. We're smart to have our local Adidas rubber shoes.

Sliding down the fast moving water was so fun!

Chilling at a nearby stream before we said farewells to our friends.

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