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Sungai Besar Fishing Town - 12 Jan 2014

I have no clue where is Sg Besar before the trip. I thot it couldn't be that far cos it's still in Selangor. Together with my boys, I went with my friends to their hometown. It's a small, quiet fishing town, home to mostly TeoChew fishermen. The drive on a Sunday morning was very relaxing and a good getaway after a crazy week. 

Very scenic driving on the west coast and we passed by many small villages, paddy fields, interesting roadside stands and some cottage industries. There're familiar names like the Kuala Selangor town, Sekinchan, Tg Karang, and some homestays eg Kampung Haji Dorani in Sabak Bernam. I was worried by then cos we've not even reached Sg Besar, and it's already 150km! After another 15 minutes, and we're there! It took us about 2 hours in total.

Fishing boat coming back with bountiful catch!

Spending time at the jetty to watch fishing boats back in late morning.

 Locals looking for bargains and fresh produce from the fish landing area. 

Choice pickings of fresh seafood from the sea

Pomfrets, garoupa, kurau, selar, ikan kembung, tiger prawns, eels, stingrays, etc

One of the fishing boats we visited. This day-boat has lesser impact on the environment.

Free to explore the boat!

Used for day fishing, fishermen can also spend a night on this boat and use sonar technique to track the fish. Once they identify the location, they will drop the net to scoop fish up as it passes through schools. They fish less area and make less tows, thus lesser impact on the environment.

A worker mending the nets, and at the same time, giving us a crash course on the types of fishing techniques employed here.

Look at the size of the nets for ONE fishing boat. Can you imagine the impact from hundreds of boats?

A fishing trawler with a wide-mouthed fishing net dragged by the boat along the bottom or midwater of the sea. It can spend days out in the sea. Big or small fishes, all will not escape from the net. This technique has a negative impact on the environment.

A popular seafood restaurant. Business was good, so be prepared for a long wait.

The mangrove mudflats were their playground.

Observing the mangrove habitats - the mud skippers, hermit crabs, the shells, even the tide coming in....

Weight training to catch cockles!

Picking up the plastic bottles for recycling.

Out of the blue, there's an old man in a motorized wheelchair doing business with the boys.

Don't do this when the tide is coming in!

An idyllic life where a father taught his sons to fish on a Sunday afternoon.

City boys at the mangroves

Shaky and uneven wooden planks as boardwalk to test their fearlessness

Xian Wei passed with flying colours!

Besides fishing, Sg Besar is also known for birdwatching. 
We'll bring daddy here next visit!

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  1. Hi... I'm Nicole. Am interested to go to Sg Besar to buy seafood. Can advice what time the fishermen wil be back to land with their catch?


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