Friday, 28 February 2014

Small-town Serendah Escape - 22 Feb 2014

It's Day 11 of NO water supply in our area. The prolonged dry spell is hot enough to fry an egg on the street! It's taking a toll on our tempers and health. Which is why we're desperate to get out of the house, though it's super hot outside. We've never been to Serendah, a small town in Hulu Selangor developed from the good old tin mining days. 

Our 1st stop at Grace Serendah Farm's open day, about 1 1/2 hour drive from home. The farm is operated as part of a community project and it's supporting a few charity homes as well.

Tall palm trees provided shade from the morning sun.

 Much to our delight, Ming was willing to try out most of the activities on his own. He's comfortable being close to the animals, exploring the farm and rubber tapping. His first time trying out the archery as well.

Learn about farming on the bullock cart.

The farm was very well-maintained and covers an area of 14 acres with some farm animals, vege and fruit gardens and few water ponds. Most of all, it gave Wei the much-needed space to burn out his energy and have fun with the animals, archery and darts.

None of us except Wei was interested to brave the heat to go to the boat.

I think archery was the most enjoyable for Jin.

Arrows off target!

The sweat and toil of farming! Indeed not easy to be a farmer.

Does wearing a few hats keep us cooler?

Before heading home, we dropped by another popular "Sekeping" retreat, ie the Sekeping Serendah forest retreat. We went into one of the village roads and got a bit lost, but what a treat to bump into more than a dozen of bee-eaters flying over us. But we only managed to capture one shot - the last few of them. It's so awesome!

A short drive on an off road track pathway with very obscure signages, passing by a few Orang Asli villages. 

A very unassuming entrance to the retreat. The natural environment is the star of attraction here, and all the rest are kept basic and free from lavishness. 

The famous glass house in the retreat. The place has 10 sheds with different styles eg glass, timber, mud and warehouse.

A small pool to chill for the guests. There's also a waterfall nearby.

 Much of the forest is still intact and the sheds are spread out, so it's very cooling even walking around at noon and there's a lot of privacy. And we didn't have any mossie bites. A great gathering place for families and close friends.

Snooze time! 

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