Monday, 31 March 2014

Botany Fun Hunt - 22 Mar 2014

We joined FRIM 's celebration of this year's International Day of Forests at the Kepong Botanic Garden. Entrance to the forest was waived on this day and FRIM had also organised many free activities. It's so good to be in the jungle on a day with clear blue sky. We've registered our family for the Botany Fun Hunt which is something like treasure hunt. I would prefer something straightforward like the tree planting activity - minus the mind-boggling exercise - but the guys overrode me.

From FRIM, we took a free shuttle to the botanic garden, didn't expect to see such a big park in Kepong. There're already many joggers and people exercising at the park. A short briefing before we started the Hunt.

Poring over the questions and 'clueless'! We have not the faintest idea about plants or botany. At least it's a great family team activity. There were 18 teams in the Hunt and surprisingly many youngsters took part - good idea to unplug them from computers, phones and tv.

"Doggie, do you know where's the "Pride of Burma"?...what - you've never been out of the city??"

Sidetracked to bird-watching.

At least a dozen Pacific swallows on the tree.

Looked like a Paddyfield Pipit.

A common sandpiper.

Unidentified bird and its beautiful reflection on the water.

'Come on guys - we need to catch up! I'm melting under the heat'.

We're the first few teams, or maybe the first team to return the Q&A to the counter within the timeframe. We didn't even know there's a cut-off time and walked unhurriedly round the park. Boys were anxious to see how many we got correct. 10 out of 12 correct!! Yeh!!

We almost couldn't believe it when we heard the announcement we got 1st!! Apparently, most of the other teams came back after the cut-off time, and some just disappeared. This was like a bonus to our effort, our 1st time winning something as a family and our 1st Hunt together! So proud of you guys cos I've given up halfway (hehe) due to heat.....

Happiness cannot be bought, but can be planted here - a "Happiness" tree, origin from the Philippines.

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