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KL Bird Rangers - 18 Apr 2014

Xian Wei is always fascinated about birds, especially birds of prey. He wants to be an ornithologist so he has a good excuse to be outdoor - to study birds. :) He also keeps a Bird Journal! Our country is so blessed with many species of birds, with more than 600 species in Peninsular alone. Occasionally, we go a bit further to watch the birds in the wild, but more often, we can do it right in our backyards.

KL Bird Park offers a very good avenue for families like ours to learn about birds at very little cost. Children can join the annual membership to be a Bird Ranger, at only RM80 (new members) and RM40 (for subsequent renewal). A member can enjoy unlimited all year-round free entrance to the park as well as free for an accompanying adult. The other thing the boys are looking forward to is, joining the half-day camp, conducted about 4 times a year. Membership is open to children aged 6-12yo.

The anticipation of feeding time for the free-flying birds. Always an amazing feeling to be surrounded by so many birds of all kinds.

Feeding times are always a highlight for visitors cos you can see the birds in close up.

 We've a 2-day bird immersion during the long Easter weekend. It's a nice park, very shady but humid (and lotsa mossies). On the 1st day, we arrived at noon, and not the best time to see birds. The boys only spent 1 1/2 hours to cover the place, mainly walked around like typical visitors, watched the live show and a feeding session. The following day we're early and noticed the birds were more active in the morning. Actually, if we visit the park once or twice, what we can take back is not much. But, if we can come here often, we learn to observe changes and see new perspectives. If you like birds, it's a very worthwhile family package joining the annual membership. 

The only cockatoo that greeted us "Hello". Brandon was trying to strike up a conversation with the bird.

Brandon is also a bird ranger, and he likes Bul Bul Land the most - not just the colourful birds there but also feeding the fish.

What's wrong with the picture? A common mistake that most people think that the Great Hornbill comes from Borneo. So which hornbill comes from the Borneo?

The Answer (scroll down).

(the Rhinoceros Hornbill)

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