Thursday, 19 March 2015

Reflection - 19 Mar 2015

Now it's like ages since I had written. I wonder if I still know how to write. I'm so used to short texting these days. And I don't have to think of structure or content. Next, I question whether I should continue this blog, for what purpose I've started it, and for how long I can continue with it.... Writing a blog post is kinda therapeutic to me. It gives me time to reflect and think and come to deeper understandings. It gives me clearer perspectives as to why I am doing certain activities, or whether I am overdoing things for my family. Bearing this in mind, writing takes time, an average of 1-2 hours per blog post during a survey in 2014 - but I far exceeded the time. So, I have to be mindful how much time I spend on blogging and what real connection was lost.

Pondering and time flew. Our life is passing us by. I saw my youngest one reminiscing the past events in our blog, laughing and savouring the good memories. Indeed a family blog is a more organised way to put down our moments instead of going through the thousands of unsorted, cluttered photo albums. But if I were to record every single moment or event that happens everyday, then the convenience of technology can even become burdensome. I didn't deliberately plan it - but I took a 'quiet time' from writing a blog post.

During this period, we also consider a new approach to education from an old British educator, Charlotte Mason. She said, 'Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.' She believed that children are able to deal with ideas and knowledge, that they are not blank slates to be filled with dry facts or information. Her approach was revolutionary in her times where the education then was driven by demands for more exams and more workers (utilitarian education). We're still immersing ourselves into her rich ideas and insights. In the midst of all the commotion in the education system and standards of schools in our country, we're glad to stumble into Charlotte Mason's philosophy. It certainly gives us more comfort and confidence as we embrace the differences in the types of schooling for our boys (we've one in school, one in a learning centre and another one homeschooling!). Perhaps, in future, we can share what her approach meant to us in a more demonstrable way.

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