Sunday, 22 November 2015

Tinkering at KLESF - 30-31 Oct 2015

Malaysia has caught on the Makers' fever as we've seen a few fairs this year promoting the Makers' culture. The KL Engineering & Science Fair at The Mines, KL was another successful feat promoting STEM education through various workshops, activities, display of the Makers' capabilities. It has all the party-like atmosphere, with exhibitors from large corporates, universities, schools and even individuals. Though held in KL, we did not see a lot of participation from the schools in KL or PJ.

Programming a life-size robot made from junk materials.

KakiDIY booth was run by a 15 year old!

Notebook-sized circuit boards that can even replace computers one day!

Working at Mad Science workshop!

Rumpelstiltskin spinning chemistry into gold!

A DIY Telescope that works and does not cost a bomb.

'Junk Redefined' - a game of table football made from plastic water bottles and discarded wood.

Walking tall on stilts!

We met some amazing people from the corporates like Rolls Royce. The engineers took time to share their jet engines with young people. Brandon was grateful and he wrote a thank you letter to Rolls Royce. Little did we expect they posted the letter and an appreciation video on their facebook. This experience taught us it's worthwhile to engage with real people, talk to them, and not just join the hands-on activities.

Getting the hang of soldering!

Bubble Makers!

Another amazing corporation set up the Malaysia Toray Science Foundation, sponsoring many outreach programmes to promote STEM education. This unassuming, simple-looking teacher trainer was very passionate in sharing her DIY celestial sphere. She's so well-versed with the subject, and in fact, her energy was contagious.

Origami Maker in a class of his own!
Normally, I won't highlight the art of paper folding especially in an engineering and science fair. But this caught many of our attention cos it was so impressive. 

KLESF 2015 was a hit, attracted not only students, but parents as well.

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