Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Monkeying around to celebrate CNY

Posted by Xian Wei

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
This year's CNY might be one of the most prosperous CNY for me. I get to visit my cousins again, and eat and talk with them. Also, we had the reunion with some of my parents' friends. 

The Yusheng. The only dish that did not vary in the reunion dinner during our visits and stays. So if you can't escape from it, just eat it.

During the CNY, animals(sugar glider [right]) and insects(cicada [left]) also wanted to visit us. They were quite a company. Ming's buddies showing off their martial arts skills, all enjoying the festive CNY. And of course, the famous movie "Ola-Bola", a Malaysian production. This is, by far, the best movie made by Malaysians. A truly heart-warming movie that is about not only football, but also about the hardship of Malaysians in the 80s. Watch it if you are truly a Malaysian!

We stayed with our cousins during CNY. All the cooking smells from kitchen preparing for the reunion dinner really made us hungry. So we made some snacks like sushi and TC wraps (Tomato and Cheese Wraps). We had an enjoyable time preparing and eating the food.

Besides eating, we also played with firecrackers, 'pop-pop', UNO and soccer. We enjoyed watching the lion dances. It seems that the lions had their genes mutated because now, they are acrobatics. The cheeky monkey also came with the lions, dancing about happily, glad that this year is the Year of the Monkey. 
I've always enjoyed celebrating CNY with people. It is a wonderful festival that we Chinese should be proud of. So, have fun monkeying around in the Year of the Monkey! :) 
新年快乐!(Happy New Year!)

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