Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Rice bowl in golden glow - 21 May 2016

Sekinchan basked in fields of golden glow and shades of refreshing green against a bright blue sky. We came in time to see the golden crop just a week or two before harvesting. What a glorious sight! 

A hive of activity in Sekinchan fields, with farmers in the thick of harvesting.

A calm moment frozen in time.

I thot the field is always greener on the other side?

In another 2 weeks' time, this will be Yellow.

Meet the Farmers! 

A loyal following of visitors...

Extra income: Tour buggies doing their rounds at the paddy fields...

A new version of the weather-Lollicock

Flying a kite at the overcrowded beach

A good pastime to watch fishing boats returning.

Indeed, there's more to Sekinchan than meets the eye.

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