Monday, 6 June 2016

A sense of achievement at UPM Edu-Park - 28 May 2016

I took up a challenge to do something I'd never imagined doing before - a 6km group cycling event. I don't even consider myself a cyclist, though I know how to ride a bicycle from point A to B on concrete roads :) From the beginning, my goal was merely to finish the event in one piece. 

The inaugural cycling carnival was organised by Universiti Putra Malaysia to create an awareness of their education park to the public. The cycling event was held within the scenic park of their campus. The park is very much under-utilised, as it's meant for their students and a private property. So, it's a good opportunity for family outing and it's non-competitive, ie we could do it leisurely. Every team has 4 members, so I estimated there're over a hundred participants.

Entrance to the scenic Edu-park. Note this cycling was challenging cos it's mostly on "cow dung" dirt roads. I really hope it's already over...and I was celebrating my success at this point.

Somehow the lotus pond brought some calming effect to our souls.

I hope I didn't end up in the water! That would be disaster.

The boys were having lotsa fun, though I could hardly see them cos they're so far in front.

In between cycling, we have 4 pit stops to play some games and puzzle and feed the deers. The best was to open up a frozen t-shirt with only a small cup of water.

Yea, even the young ones have to push sometimes. 

Lost in the scenic beauty of nature!

Entering the secret garden of the Lord of the Rings!!

This is my favourite moo-picturesque landscape! Like those you can take in New Zealand. What a beautiful blue sky with white fluffy clouds. 

Do you believe this is the One Tree Hill in New Zealand???

A busy carnival with the farm animals.

A hive of activity everywhere and a favourite spot for wedding photography too.

A perfect weather for a mud-filled blast.

I must say it's a well-organised event with friendly UPM volunteers and students giving a hand to make it an awesome day for all of us. The organiser even prepared mountain bikes for some participants, in exchange for recyclable plastic bottles or tin cans. Very well-planned and affordable for families. At the end of the event, the students set up some stalls to add to the carnival-like atmosphere. Well done UPM! And YES, I finished with a great sense of achievement, and still in one piece. Will I do it again? Definitely yes -- on the tour buggy.

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