Thursday, 25 May 2017

Community Football - 20 & 21 May 2017

Posted by Brandon.

The football season ended with a bang! A carnival was held at the field. It was a 2-day tournament. All the tribes (Spartans, Vikings, Aztecs, Samurai, Apache and Gladiators) had a march pass with their costumes, weapons, etc. I felt very excited for the carnival to start.

The field was overcrowded with children of different ages wearing their costumes.

 Everyone was in bright smiles.☺

And here we go! The march pass starts! There were dozens and dozens of parents who came to cheer and support. Their cheering was excellent to me.

The march was well organized, outstanding and everything was in order.

Our tribe managed to get the best costume award!

First game of the tourney.

Everyone played well and they all deserved to win.

Honestly, I think some of my team mates were not in high spirit. Partly because few of our best players were absent on that day so some of them were downcast.

But we were all very alert, and had a lot of ball possession.

My partner and I.

In the end, it doesn't matter how much gold or silver we get. It is the joy and fun and effort to take part in these kind of competition. It is an eye-opening encounter for me and I enjoyed playing with the team.

 I would like to thank the coaches, who worked hard to coach us, and the parents, who also worked tremendously hard for the decorations, making the clothes, etc. And I also like to thank my parents who took their time to send me to a far place to let me play football.

Three cheers for Vikings!!!

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