Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Firefighters in the making - 21 Apr 2012

Located in Precinct 7, the Putrajaya Firestation is also the headquarters of the Fire and Rescue Department.

We have a chance to see the inside of a firestation, and to experience the making of a firefighter. 

Hose bundle typically stored in rows for quick selection, consisting of 15 or more metres each and 30 metres for hose reel. Two trainees in action practising to carry the heavy hose bundle and a little fire-fighter in the making rolling up the hose....

Mr Firefighter explaining the functions of the pump control at the rear. Pump controls the flow of water from the water tanks on the truck and from street hydrants and open source like pond or drain. 

These fire trucks are not equipped to reach to the very tall buildings (like more than 5-storey), which will need special apparatus like turntable ladder or high level access platform to allow access of firefighters at height.

Rescue tools like saws used to crush or cut metal, vehicle extrication equipment and a winch or wire cable in front of the fire truck.

The first aid compartment completes with stretcher, fire blankets and other equipment.

Little firefighters ready to shoot.......... Do you know it takes up to 3 firefighters to hold on to the hose when the water pressure is 12 bars.

Jin tried the fireman suit and he felt like an astronaut. Indeed it's not a glamorous job donning a heavy multiple layered suit with helmet, oxygen mask and tank and still able to be agile in movement to rescue and carry people to safety.

We were told that firemen must be ready to go in the fire engine within 90 seconds from the time the alarm rings. But it took Jin more than 15 minutes to don some of the protective equipment! 

Boys having a great time with the fire-fighting motorcycles. These bikes are useful during emergency like traffic jam!

Ladder work, an essential skill for a firefighter.

Firefighters in the cockpit ready to go..... A fire engine normally has 6 crew in the cockpit including the driver.

Our first outing with MHsN friends

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