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Kampung Kacang Putih - 6 April 2012

Posting by Xian Jin

My family and I went to a famous village that sells kacang putih in Buntong, Ipoh. Kacang putih is one of Malaysians' favourite snacks. We spoke to Gopinath, the 4th generation kacang putih vendor of CTS Enterprise.

CTS stands for Cmasami Tangavelu Subrumaniam. These are the names of Gopinath forefathers. The business started more than 80 years ago but they operated from the shop about 10 years ago. Before that, Gopinath family was peddling kacang putih on foot and by bicycles.

Their village used to be called Teluk Kurin B. Now it is known as Kampung Kacang Putih because of the successful stories of all the kacang putih vendors in this area. There are 40-50 families in the kacang putih trade in this village.

Kacang putih consists of different types of Indian savouries such as murukku, pakkoda, sivel, aulu, omma poddi, kadalai and legumes such as dhall, chick pea, peanuts as well as tapioca chips. 

Gopinath great grandfather was a pioneer in the kacang putih trade. He started with just one product which was the well-known murukku and now his family sells more than 30 types of kacang putih.

Look at the gorgeous savouries! 

We also saw the home-based factory. Every kacang putih vendor in this village has their own secret recipe to make the savouries. The main ingredients to make kacang putih are beans, starch and salt. It was amazing that they have only 4 staff. To make so many types of kacang putih sounds like they need many staff to me.

It was indeed a "food-ful" visit......


  1. If can pls include contact number tq

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment. Afraid I dont hv their contact. But it's between First Garden Ipoh and Buntong 3.

    2. Phone number 05-2554561


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