Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sports' Day - 28 Apr 2012

Xian Wei's school sports day on a warm, sunny morning!

What a colourful sight at the stadium!
The MPSJ stadium was full of excited spectators/parents cheering on their team/children. Jin took the opportunity to catch up with his friends.

Xian Wei marching by.....

Telematch: Xian Wei's team lost :((((

100m Sprint: Hooray!! Wei was no. 1

4x100m Relay: Wei was the anchor leg runner. It was also the most exciting of his matches for the day because his team was much behind the leading Red team.

Wei caught up and won the race!!
The win was so close it looked like a photo finish.

Wei's glorious moments:
3 Gold medals for 100m, 4x100m relay and shot put
and a bronze for long jump!!

On the same day KL was covered in a sea of "Yellow" for "Bersih 3.0", "Yellow" was also the overall champion of the sports day!!

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