Monday, 7 May 2012

Stargazing Attempt - 5 May 2012

We picked up a new interest recently - stargazing!! Although there were many astronomy activities this year, but unfortunately there were not many clear skies.... so we have to take the opportunity whenever possible. 

We are still beginners, and our boys like it so much because they can sleep late. We are blessed because there are some passionate stargazers from the Astronomy Exploration Club who helped and guided us along the way.

Basic 'must-have' for stargazing:- star constellation chart, a mat for lying down because you won't want to break your neck, mossie repellant, lots of patience and the wonderful 'telescope'! If you do not have a telescope, don't worry, there are many friendly stargazers who would be more than happy to share with you.

Stargazing at Kajang to view the closest and largest full moon of this year. Some would call it a Supermoon. Astronomers call the moon's closest point to earth a "perigee full moon". Picture taken on 5 May 2012 through a telescope by Chrono Fong.

Taken in front of our house (facing north). Constellation "Ursa Major" (bottom) and "Leo Minor" (top). "Big Dipper" (right of Ursa Major) was also part of the Ursa Major constellation.

Taken at the back of our house (facing south). Left was "Centaurus" and right was "Crux" or Southern Cross.

Taken in front of our house (facing west). The famous constellation "Orion", the Hunter. Planet Jupiter could be seen nearby. Urban sky has too much light pollution...

Lesson on "How to set up a telescope" by Tan Simpson

Can't remember the names of some of those parts now....

101 ways to look at the telescope!!

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