Monday, 17 September 2012

Merdeka Festival: Goodbye KL - 31 Aug 2012

A host of meaningful events was held in the old Chinatown on the Independence Day to bid farewell to some of the well-loved, heritage sites around the Petaling Street area.

See old Kuala Lumpur before the heritage sites disappear to make way for the MRT development. 

Victor Chin and artist Long Thien Shih organised the Urban Sketch along Jalan Sultan on Merdeka day. My boys joined in the fun of this meaningful event.

Hive of activities in Petaling Street with people from all walks of life who came for the heritage walks, cycling tour, films, open houses, etc.

Boys warming up with the other artists, photographers and enthusiasts in the Urban Sketch.

Quite shy to sketch in the open and attracted many passers-by to stare at their work.....

What's this? A TV crew!!! Errr, what to say ah???

Tips from the real artist!!

Young and old sketchers... including Liyin, our talented artist friend, who's so kind to invite us to join in the fun.

Finally caught up with Liyin at the old photo studio, Kedai Foto Pak Tai....

This photo studio is simply a favourite for sketchers and photographers...

Bye Bye to the wonderful memories from these places......

Buildings that bear witness to our heritage, traditions, culture and creativity....

Maybe the illustrations and sketches will be the only things remaining to remember these places!

My boys were captured in the Chinese paper. Hopefully this will create an awareness for our next generation.


  1. Hi this documentary about Pak Tai I made may be of some interest to you.
    Best regards, John (

    1. Thanks for the link. Glad that you preserved a piece of KL b4 it disappeared.


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