Monday, 17 September 2012

Purple School - 31 Aug 2012

The Silver Jubilee Reunion of Class 1987 of Pudu English Secondary School (PESS), also well-known as the Purple School because in those days, our school uniform was in purple.

There were more than 90 of us who attended this Reunion after 25 LONG years - first time for our year of 1987. It was an emotionally-charged experience, bringing back much memories of the 'glory days'. 


My Class 5P1.... many of them I've known since Primary One.

It's a lot easier to organise such reunion today with social networking sites like Facebook. Even managed to contact some of our teachers and they still looked great!

Our 5P1 class teacher, Pn Hasnah was as lively and humorous as before......

We gathered around our teachers, sang our PESS school song, reminding us of our school assembly.....

Many of us looked back on our secondary school days with mixed feelings of pride and embarrassment. We couldn't believe we wore those clothes, got those haircuts, did those 'dumb' things as teenagers.... Connections with long-lost friends were re-established, and notes on careers and families were exchanged. 

After 25 years, school still has an important place in our hearts, even though now it's all memories. We've long forgotten about the facts of our studies and exams, but the secondary school years were much more reaffirming - a feeling of 'we're all in this together' - building memories and learning together, shaping our characters, making mistakes as part of life and inspiring teachers (there're still a few then) who left a mark in our lives. This was all part of the journey of life that I want to share with my children.

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