Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Dark Angel of MAHA - 27 Nov 2012

The Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism (MAHA) Expo in MAEPS Serdang, Selangor is a big scale event held once in every 2 years in Malaysia. It's something we look forward to go as a family outing. It has a comprehensive overview of our nation's resources, how we manage them and what we are capable of doing. 

The theme this year - Agricultural Transformation Through Innovation may seem a mouthful, but in essence you can see what the nation is capable of doing - "a hybrid goat with wings" - is this innovation or a crossbreeding monster?

Price tag @ RM9,999!!

This is something I'd like to see more in shows like MAHA or similar ones - recognising the value of our resources, maximising the use of our resources and creating value from waste. Some of those stuff we consider as waste like wood chips, leaves, stems, straws, hays can turn into beautiful and premium products.  We saw fibre from pineapple and banana turned into fabric, papers, art deco; paddy straw into papers, leaves into natural dyes and many more. Maybe the next show we could see a transformation, from  a simple machine to crush the fibre (picture) into something more innovative.

Consider getting one of these to open durians - pretty simple and fast, and we got to eat them too! If you feel heaty after the durian, we've even a machine to open up the coconut for some cooling coconut juice! Technology could make our lives easier!

We saw young, healthy and strong livestock that look pretty normal at first. But these were crossbred species through artificial insemination. Are these where our meals really come from?

A new crossbred specie from the grouper family.

Great atmosphere at the Livestock Auction.

Highest bidder wins! Going cheap - RM3,500 for 10 goat kids!

First time watching an auction for the boys, also for me!

Interesting exhibit @ the Fisheries of a 40-feet Bryde whale skeleton, which was found dead on a beach in Kedah last year. Also on display was a 8.5 feet pygmy sperm whale skeleton.

Saw this live spiny-tailed lizard all the way from the Egypt desert in the Agrobazaar. Tis is a natural specie, not hybrid. Claimed to heal many ailments, thus they're hunted for food, medicine and even as pets. My boys were so thrilled to see it - alive...

At last, saw something encouraging that we're allocating some money to do research and study on the turtles.

There're just too many things to cover in MAHA, took us 2 visits to cover Hall A, Agrobazaar, Fisheries, Livestock and Machinery, less than half of the expo.

The MAHA staff in cowboy outfit to give a carnival-like atmosphere. Sheriff Brandon was here!

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