Monday, 19 November 2012

Book Reviews

Reviewed by Xian Jin

The title of this book is Frindle. There are 105 pages in this book. 

This story is about a boy called Nick Allen. He was full of brilliant ideas but most of them got him into trouble. However, that did not stop Nick from thinking of more ideas.

When Nick was in fifth grade, everything was different. He had to face Mrs Granger, his English Language teacher. He learned all about words and wanted to invent one himself. One day he bumped into his friend and dropped a pen. This gave Nick a new idea. He decided that he would not use the word pen. It would be “frindle”. The word soon passed on and the whole school began to use the word. Students were punished for using the word “frindle”. Mrs Granger became enemies with Nick.

Soon the world used the word frindle. Nick became popular. The  newspaper reporters and journalists came to interview him. As Nick grew older, he became a rich man. Frindle soon became a normal word. One day, a man came and gave Nick a parcel. Nick opened it and found the parcel was from his old teacher… I recommend this book to all who love to read.

Reviewed by Xian Wei

The title of this book is Tornado. There are 49 pages in this book.

This story is about a dog called Tornado. It was given the name Tornado because it was found in the doghouse after a tornado. It was a very special dog because it could play card tricks and save a turtle’s life. One day, it was brought to a hardware store where Pete worked. On his way back, a girl saw Tornado and thought it was her dog so she took it back. A few days had past, Pete was in the barn and he saw something. It was Tornado! It stayed with him for seven happy years. This is a very touching book.

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