Friday, 10 May 2013

Orang Asli at Kg Simoi - 1 May 2013

Posting by: Xian Jin

I visited Kampung Simoi, Pahang with a group of friends. I was really excited to visit the orang asli village. Orang asli are the aboriginal people of Peninsular Malaysia. It was a long trip, approximately 3 hours. Half way along the trip, we had a break at a nearby restaurant. See the car... it was a makeshift way to sell things.

This is Kg Simoi. It's a really big place. We stopped at the biggest house in the village. This was my first time going to an orang asli village. Even though it was late morning, the air was cooling and fresh.

There were villagers everywhere and a lot of children. I could not stop taking pictures of the orang asli, though I was shy to talk to them at first.

A typical village house. I strolled around the village. As these people were living near town, they could get the things they need easily. They had cars and even TV!

The kids loved being photographed. You could see their faces smiling and giggling every time I took a picture. The villagers were friendly.  

If I had more time, I would have explored the thick forest nearby. I thought how lucky they were, being so close to nature, unlike city people like me who just sit around watching the telly or computer. We city people should spend more time outdoor.

They still cook their food using the firewood. The food was really tasty. Do you know, their vegetables are just tapioca leaves? I didn't know such simple food could taste so nice. Looks can be deceiving.

Their houses were very simple. They do not need air-conditioners or fans because of the cooling air of the forest. 

The children were curious. A few of our group members hung songsheets  between trees and they sang songs together.

All of us cramped into a house to listen to the children's singing. Even though they did not know the words and their meanings, they sang without reservation.

I was really happy to meet these people. I hope to return to this place to learn more about them.

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