Monday, 20 May 2013

'Special' Kind of Sports Day - 11 May 2013

Persatuan Kanak-kanak Istimewa (PKIK), a learning centre for persons with learning disabilities had their Sports Day in Kajang Utama recently. There were about 90 students/trainees who came along with their families.

 The kids were very at ease and would pose for a picture any time.

A family affair for us to volunteer at the Sports Day. Daddy was the cameraman, assisting him was Jin. I helped at the finishing line. Brandon was pretty excited at first, but the hot sun drained him fast. Wei & I took part in the family game. We didn't get a prize, much to his disappointment cos he thot he could beat the aunties but these 'aunties' were PRO!  

March past from the little ones to adult trainees.

Warm-up and stretch before the events.

Sports events for the little kids. The parents were enjoying themselves so much in these events. Because of their encouragement and support, these kids beat their physical disability to finish the races. And everyone's a winner! 

Students in the telematch with their family members. It didn't feel like they're competing against one another, rather they're competing against themselves to finish the games.

The most tricky event was the 200m relay race. It's a big achievement running with a baton and passing it from one teammate to the other around the track and across the finish line. They did it!!

Everyone got a prize!! Brandon asked me why there were so many winners on the podium?

Exemplary family: The whole family was at the sports day giving support and encouragement to Arifah. You could even feel the positive vibes around them. Arifah is one of the fortunate kids whose family helps her to reach her potential. 

Teachers: the pillars of support behind PKIK! 

Indeed a 'special' kind of sports day.

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