Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Basic Snow Skin Mooncake - 5 Oct 2013

Assembling mooncakes in celebration of Mid-Autumn festival 

 We started assembling the snow skin mooncakes weeks after the Mid-Autumn festival with Auntie SY. The skin and filling ingredients were mostly purchased from the baking shop. I remember the last time we did this... my youngest Brandon was not even born. Is it time flew by so fast??

Now Brandon is able to follow the simple steps to assemble his very first mooncake! Oops, the mooncake popped out and almost landed on the floor - his mooncake has a dent!!

Knocking out the mooncake from the wooden mould was the most fun part, it's like how the baby chick hatches out of the egg! Despite it being foolproof .... there're always some surprises. Practice made perfect boys!

The mooncakes need to be refrigerated first before eating. I should take a picture of the cut mooncake with its beautiful double layered filling of lotus and red bean paste around the egg yolk "moon". But they finished up so fast. These ready-made paste is a bit sweet, next year we should try to make them from scratch so we can control what's inside. A big thank you to Auntie SY for her patience and efforts!!

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