Monday, 28 October 2013

Gearing up for FIFA 14 - 28 Oct 2013

A Honey4boyz Production

Guitarist : XianJin

Actors : The Boys

Photo(/Video)grapher : Daddy

Special thanks to Mahkota Football Academy and Coach Ameer!

WARNING: For best effect, please watch this HomeVideo first before you scroll down. Have FUN!!

The boys have just joined a neighbourhood football club, yea, football is pretty popular here. This was a first attempt to do a homevideo, and a pretty straightforward one using Windows Movie Maker. But it's so enriching to do something together. At one point, we realised that we don't have the background music (and we're afraid to download everything online), so Jin has a day to learn to play the FIFA soundtrack. We made use of what we have, our talents, ie free acting by our boys as well as our resources. Hope this will spark off their interest in either football, acting, directing, storytelling or how to settle conflicts without harming one another!!

The Boyz are now QUALIFIED as "armchair footballers" for FIFA 2014.......

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