Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Picnic Day @ Chamang - 21 June 2014

A daredevil tumbling down into the water! The worst thing that could happen is - he could have a crash-landing against those rocks.

Chamang waterfall is easily accessible from Bentong town in Pahang. There's a stretch of winding road of about 7km from the town. The best part is that there's a car park just next to the fall so you don't need to hike. The waterfall is huge with lush green forest surrounding it. There're also stairs of trekking path after the suspension bridge. We came during the dry season, so it's considerably safe. During the rainy season, water flow could swell to a much wider area making it dangerous to play in the water. 

A series of waterfalls zig-zagging from the forest with its own sunken plunge pools - made it ideal for a dip and water play. You could not help but feel so refreshed at the pool, probably cos of the negative ions from the moving water. The sound of gushing, whooshing water over rocks is really therapeutic.

We saw many colourful butterflies and dragonflies around the waterfall area. Kids as well as adults practising their catching skills with the nets.

Not forgetting the tadpoles and tiny froggies.

 The FUN began... the 2014 World Cup Water Balloon Quest!

 Suitable for all ages - young and old!

Never tired of it....

After the water play, we sure got hungry!!

Brandon celebrated his 8th birthday with friends.

A Yummylicious picinic!

Lazing around after the feast!!

So cool, so fun. Bye, "charming-Chamang"!

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