Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Rainbow Waterfall at Sg Lembing, Pahang - 29 May 2014

This is the kinda backdrop when we started our journey to the jungle to see the famous Rainbow Waterfall at Sg Lembing, Pahang. We're seated on a few planks at the back of the pick up truck. 

A close brush with nature. 

Beautiful sunrise around 6.30am with seas of clouds.

The journey was the most memorable. It was a roller coaster ride of more than an hour, speeding on rugged terrain and dirt tracks.

Chilly wind brushing against our cheeks, awakening us to the scent of the jungle.

There was a huge thunderstorm the night before, so creating many challenging mud tracks along the way.

Breathtaking views....

A logyard in the midst of the Permanent Forest Reserve. What a spoiler! They're taking out small- diameter trees, which is really a cause for concern.

A changeable hawk eagle flew past our truck and rested on a huge branch in the early hours. Also a fruitless chase of a partridge bird and a junglefowl!

Our truck came to a stop. We've to cross a stream. The water was icy cold.

Into the mysterious, wet jungle tracks. The thunderstorm last night must have stirred up the homes of the scorpion, green snake and who knows, what's next?

 Gutsy grandma trekking in the jungle!

 Slippery paths and steps covered in lichens and moss!

  It's soooo awesome and majestic! Didn't expect it to be so tall.

At about 9am, we saw the first hint of rainbow when the sunlight shines into the cascading water. It's magical and unforgettable.

Formation of the 2nd rainbow. All in all, the rainbow is visible until about 10.30am.

Spray of water droplets dispersed in the air was so refreshing !

Picnickers frolicking at the waterfall area. Do NOT come during weekend. I heard the number of people can swell to 500 on weekends. There're about 100 of us that day, and that's just manageable.

While we're taking in the view, the local guides cum drivers served us with cup noodle and hot Milo. Before leaving, they worked together picking up any litter.

 Local guides displaying their skills!

A place where Rock stood still!

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