Thursday, 31 July 2014

Prefects' Camp at Serendah - 25-26 Jul 2014

Posted by Xian Wei

A camp for prefects with our teachers to Grace Farm at Serendah. It's an annual activity to give us time to learn life skills beyond the classroom. I was so excited that I couldn't wait any longer. We left at about 11am. We went there by vans and stopped only at KFC for lunch.

At last we're there!! The scenery was beautiful and there were many farm animals. We settled down and played some games. 

I've tried kayak and raft but this was my first time rowing a boat. 

 We had a boat race that the first boat to reach the opposite side of the pond and come back would be the winner. We rowed hard until my shoulders ached. We're 2nd. We had a great time and more fun in the outdoor than our classrooms.

Catching shrimps on the raft was not easy. I fell off the raft twice because it wasn't stable. Our first attempt failed, but this was only one of the methods. 

Mission to make a raft. My friends struggling to tie the strings properly.......SO stressful!!

 Tying the strings was not an easy job. The workers helped us to make the raft (actually they did almost everything, except for putting the barrels in place).

Cheers!!! We were finally on the rafts. The barrels were cylindrical and I almost fell. Fortunately, the water was only 4 feet deep. The raft wasn't stable so we had to hold on tight with our knees. Paddling on the raft was actually easier than on a kayak. 

The next day, we used another method to catch the shrimps. This method was easier as the water at this site was more shallow. We took turns in pairs trying it out.

My first attempt was a success. The shrimps were bred in this big pond. Every morning the workers would go round the big pond 10 times to harvest the shrimps.

Look at this tiny shrimp, SOO cute!!

Before we called it a night, we had a great CAMPFIRE party.

Many sleepyheads after staying up late at night.

The bullock cart ride was fun, though we felt sorry for the two bulls that worked so hard... :(

Turkeys, chickens, roosters, ducks and even a baby ostrich in the farm! At first I thought it was just a chick. But the legs were different than the rest. It was an ostrich! It was a lovely sight that they ate the feed till their hearts' content, not bothered by the noise we made.

Blowpipes!! It was the first time I've used one. It was so cool!! We also did archery, which was my favourite, and throwing darts.

'Get ready... Pull back the string...Aim....Twang!! Off goes the arrow'.

 It was certainly a memorable trip. I wish I could go there again with my friends.

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