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Street Food, Street Art in Ipoh - 29 Jul 2014

Ipoh is always about eat, eat and eat. But now, we have one more reason to stay a little longer. The street art fever that started in Penang has now come to Ipoh. I don't know who commissioned the Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic, but it's an excellent idea. His paintings certainly caught the spirit of the Old Town. This is my favourite 'Kopi-O Bungkus' inspired by the local coffee culture in Ipoh.

'Thean Chun', one of the coffee shops from the tin mining days and still very, very popular. At 3pm, it's still crowded with customers waiting for their Ipoh Hor Fun (chicken noodle soup). A popular figure in the Old Town, the hunchback Uncle is still very much hands on in shredding the smooth poached chicken. Now at 71 years old, he's still standing on his feet from early morning to late afternoon until the last patron leaves. I always wonder why he does not train younger helpers, and take a more relaxed pace. Other than the perfect smooth hor fun noodle, his flavourful chicken broth is just tooooo awesome. Be prepared for the wait. There're many other delicious food and snacks served here while you wait, eg. creme caramel, chee cheong fun (also my favourite), popiah, rojak, etc.

Right: The first 'Kopi-O Bungkus' mural was spotted on 26 May 2014. It's just opposite 'Thean Chun' coffee shop. Left: Ernest's 3rd mural of a yellow hummingbird on 2 June 2014.

A portrait of an old uncle drinking coffee - next to the football field.

Taking a break from our 'Food Trail'. It's not surprising to bump into many like-minded people who are chilling here while waiting for their food to digest, before they continue on the eating spree.

Looking for Talents??

Street art, Espresso & dessert cafes, 'knick knacks' shops are changing the face of Old Town. Their existence, at least, have preserved the old, heritage buildings in the area - otherwise many would suffer the fate of demolition.

Ernest captures Ipoh's tin mining history in Chinese-style painting

Near Ipoh Old Town in Pasir Pinji, we found this old, famous bakery - which is as popular as Ching Han Guan. There're always many people making a beeline for the traditional pastry such as Heong Piah, mung bean biscuits, Kaya puff, Wife's biscuits, lotus paste & pork floss biscuits, etc. And it is especially famous for its value-for-money, fresh & delicious Mooncakes.

Ming Yue's mooncakes may not be known outside Ipoh but certainly making headlines in the local neighbourhood. The prices are very reasonable, between RM4-RM7.50 each. White lotus and red bean mooncakes are available at all times but you must reserve those specialty mooncakes. 

Ming Yue pastry selling like hot cakes! Don't judge the Heong Piahs by their looks. They look underbaked but they pass with flying colours!

The good ol' days on a trishaw by Ernest 

Seeing Ipoh on a Paper Plane

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