Friday, 31 July 2015

What's the Science?

Venus-Jupiter conjunction 
Venus passing between the Earth and sun and Earth passing between Jupiter and sun in June/July 2015. They belong to very different worlds, and they're no where near each other in space. Yet both are the brightest in Earth's sky and so near each other from our skyline. 

2-day workshop with Sam Gibbs on aerospace, water rocket, straw rocket, paper rocket, Bernoulli, what-not.... I couldn't remember much, yet this sparked our interest to know our 'space'. The interest escalated till the New Horizon flyby of Pluto in July 2015. Imagine a spacecraft launched more than 9 years ago, the same year as Brandon was born, calculated with such precision, went against all odds based on technology more than a decade ago - really a brilliant feat.

Science in nature study. Early of the year, the animal/insect kingdom was so alive - perhaps it's the mating season in spring. We saw spiders in the backyard, in Bukit Tinggi, so many of them in between row of trees. The one in our backyard stayed a few weeks thus we have time to observe it making a pattern, 'stabilimenta' to decorate its web. When disturbed, it would vibrate like it's on a trampoline, trying to fend off any invaders. There're also the lime butterfly, the bees, at one point the pest control has to be called in to get rid of a swarm of thousands of honey bees! And a delightful Dollarbird in Tg Tuan, PD.

Made use of the facility at STEM Exploration Centre in Cyberjaya. They conducted many different classes - eg robotics, 3D printing, CSI, Arduino, Scratch programming, coding intro, etc. Before this, we have no idea what's it about...the terminology, the technology, the Maker movement, etc. It's a good exposure for the boys and me to create an awareness of the latest in STEM, which is going to be as crucial in their education path as learning to read.

Science days at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang and home DIY electrical circuit experimenting with daddy!

Can you spot it? Every time we're in Tg Tuan, we'd surely spot it!

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