Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Changi Walkabout - 12 July 2015

By Xian Wei

 Our family went to Singapore for the Maker's Faire. We stayed at Changi Cove, which was near the airport at the eastern coastline. The hotel rooms were awesome. We could even doodle on a part of the wall of the hotel. 

The big o' tree of Changi Cove. This tree is called the Pulai tree and it is still standing although it is 150 years old!! The hotel must have preserved the tree because it was part of a forest and probably didn't want to forget the forest that was once there.

The Changi boardwalk, which is very near from our hotel. People can walk, jog or cycle along the coast of Singapore.

The boardwalk is also a good place for fishing as it is near the sea.

What a nice contrast between lime green and grey.

The airport is nearby so we could see many airplanes close up and tried to identify which airline they belong to.

At Changi Point Coastal Walk. You could rent a bike and cycle there. There's a ferry terminal nearby that can take you to Pulau Ubin. 

 The SIA plane looked like it is going to crash into the trees.

The boardwalk was near the sea so we saw many ships, sailing boats, as well as birds and walked along the beach. We saw a collared kingfisher almost touching the water... Wondered if it was catching a fish.

We saw two yellow lovebirds on the way back. Those two are Black Nape Orioles. I really liked Singapore because the place is small, so going around in Singapore is convenient, safe and clean.

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