Saturday, 1 August 2015

Maker Faire Singapore - 11-12 July 2015

Maker Faire is a 2-day showcase of the DIY culture and wacky and fun projects in science, engineering & technology, art, craft and even waste materials. We've not heard of it before this. But this is Singapore's 4th year in organising the Maker Faire which started in the US, now spread to all parts of the world. We met makers from all walks of life, young and old, institutions, professionals, hobbyists, tinkerers, students and kids! 

There's a lot of creativity vibes here. This is one event that's not limited by age and full of surprises to show what they're making and share what they're learning.

As the boys're growing up, we threw away many of their old bicycles. Here, we learn that we can turn old bicycles into new inventions eg bike blenders to make smoothies, bike generators to pedal for power, bike mowers to keep the lawns tidy, etc.

This is a fully-automated "Latte Art" drawing machine from Japan. The makers are not professionals, this is just a hobby to them. 

Though not perfect yet, but if they continue to 'make', soon we can have our faces on our cuppa coffee!!

First time 'soldering' for the boys - in which 2 or more metal items are joined together. A simple process and makes learning fun!

A DIY cardboard LED lamp - one of the popular hands-on projects. If we can make something useful out of mere cardboard, we can start recycling our waste materials in our backyard!

I'd love Geography if I could learn it from 'Sandbox'. The computer projects the topography of landforms onto the sandbox with help of different colours of lights, contour lines and terrain.

A breakthrough in science. This is an origami based print and fold-paper microscope. See how tiny the lens! This clever invention is not yet in the market, still at a development stage by the University of Stanford. Well, our field study in future sure looks exciting!!

Revival of medieval armour, 'chainmail' 
- cut-resistant, suitable to use for self-defense!

Free trial to become a knight in medieval times.

I didn't realise 3D printing has such a big following!

Back to Kampung Play - finding pleasure in nature and the simple hand-crafted games (eg. chapteh, rubber band gun, making mud bricks etc).

From banana to carrot keyboard, we're taking music to a higher level!

It's so common to come across names like 'MakeyMakey and Arduino". This little circuit board can interact with your computer and is crucial in many DIY projects from art, craft, robotics, music, engineering and everything in-between. 

Take a selfie with the DIY ButtActivated Selfie Booth with a touch of butt at the count of 3!

Strawbees in the Making! Transforming straws to a living creature!

 Busy hands - inspiring a love of learning

Some beautiful crafts from papers, leaves, cloth scraps and yarn bombing!

This was not a scene from Hollywood. These were living creatures from Strawbees, allowing hands-on experiences to imagine and create together. We're happy to meet some homeschooling families from KL too, as well as the homeschooling community from Singapore. There're so much more cool stuffs to share, and Maker Faire has indeed something for everyone. 

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