Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Aviation Legacy - 15 Dec 2011

We visited RMAF (Royal Malaysian Air Force) Museum at the Sungei Besi Air Base yesterday. This was the first international airport in Malaysia before Subang and Sepang. The main attraction is the array of aircraft in display, which was once the pride of the nation. We were also fortunate to catch the air force's Nuri (transport helicopter) and the flying practice in the nearby runway.

We have the privilege of Encik Rashid, a staff member of the museum to brief us on the aircraft in the museum compound and the hangar.
The first aircraft of the early years was a Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer. It was named Lang Rajawali by Tunku Abdul Rahman, our first Prime Minister of Malaya.  
Future pilots in the cockpit....

"Control Tower, request clearance to cross the runway!!"

What's inside the "skin"?

Hands-on experience on the working of a rotor blade helicopter.

Kids would love to explore the interior of the large wing Caribou, and when standing in the narrow cabin, we could still feel the adrenalin rush of a paratrooper waiting his turn to jump off the plane.

The only indoor hangar for the smaller and delicate aircraft.

The A-4PTM Skyhawk - the supersonic fighter jet that once ruled our skies in the 80s now greets visitors silently.  
Kids having a field day discovering more about the aircraft in the hangar. With their ambitions high in the sky, what is dust, dirt and mud!!

It would be a shame to lose the historical RMAF Museum over to the redevelopment of the Sungei Besi Air Base land. This is a great educational opportunity for the future generations and a piece of our colourful aviation history. 

Not to be missed some souvenir keychains - these were the fighter jets after the Skyhawk era, ie MiGs, Hornets and Sukhoi.

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