Tuesday, 27 December 2011

FRIM - 6 Dec 2011

AVATAR backdrop in FRIM's Keruing trail

Our group of 10, the youngest being 5 years old made our inaugural jungle trek to FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) in Kepong. The whole trek of 5 km would take about 3 hours, going through 4 different phases.

The youngest two tagging along....more conscious of the mosquitoes than the surroundings.

Nature's golden carpet, the moss.

Caterpillar eggs on a leaf.....

Starstruck, the flowers from the Keladan tree....

Our guide Nizam patiently explaining the good Ara versus the bad Ara trees, and other interesting plants which could be used to make food and things from chocolate, cosmetic, erasers, pencils, to furniture and bridges depending on the type of wood.

The Crown Shyness Phenomenon - the leaves of the kapur/camphor trees do not touch each other.

"I SPY".......

....the Canopy Walkway, the highlight of our walk, which is 150m long and built 30m above ground level.

Going downhill was more challenging with the steep and uneven terrain.

A drawing by Ming from the saga seeds that he picked up from the jungle.

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