Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Father & Son Camp 7-8 Oct 2011

Posting by Xian Jin:

My father and I went to SUFES campsite in Tapah, Perak. The camp was organised by "Focus on the family". The purpose of the camp was to strengthen the relationship between fathers and their sons. It was my first time staying overnight in a real camp!

We took our time to register ourselves. There were more than 20 pairs of fathers and sons from all races and different parts of Malaysia.

When all the participants had arrived, the organizers led us to an ice-breaking session.

After that, we learnt to pitch our own tents. It took us only a few minutes. It was fun!!

We played a game called "Water Balloon Badminton". My father and I reached to the finals and.........

.......we won 1st prize!!!

Football siesta time!!!

After dinner, all the children have to wash their own plates and their fathers' too.
We had a game called "walky-talky" where the fathers learnt to trust the sons and communicated with one another to reach our goal. All the fathers had to be blindfolded while the children led them to do tasks together. We were given things to do like "Laugh or giggle until you reach to the next sign". It was hilarious.

In the afternoon, we teamed up with another pair of father & son to cook our lunch. The lunch was fried rice. I discovered that I enjoy cooking. Our food was delicious!

After lunch, we trekked up the waterfall and played there. The trek was about 2 hours to and fro and was about 7 km in total. We helped one another during the trek. I discovered that my father is very agile in all the strenuous activities and good in planning.

One of the most unforgetable experience for me was the night trekking on the first night. There were many interesting things along the trek like glowing leaves, creepy crawlies and weird looking plants. At one point, all of us switched off our torches and stayed in the dark for 3 minutes, listening to the sounds of the forest.

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