Tuesday, 27 March 2012

An Eggy Tale - Origami

Posting by Xian Wei:

I want to share with you my origami crafts in a story below. I use my brother's paper mache as the background props. I like doing origami during my free time. Hope you enjoy my story..............

This is the Face family, their names are Rocky, Moustache, Happy, Angry and Tiny (photo from right to left).

They are sitting on a raft heading to the Perilous Peak in the island of Forsaken Rapids.

The Face family is hunting for a golden egg.

On the way, they see a giant worm, a sly fox, a silver hare and a bird-bat hybrid creature.

They hide in a cave until it is dark then they continue to hunt for the golden egg.

They find the golden pheasant that lays golden egg but an one-eyed giant is guarding it.

The one-eyed giant is holding a club and sitting on a huge frog. 

They surround the giant and hit him so hard until he falls to the ground and becomes unconscious.

Finally the Face family gets the golden egg.

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