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Lesson in Colour - 29 Mar 2012

Yesterday Ming was not well so he stayed home. I was inspired by some people (and blogs) recently and decided to have some fun with Ming to explore colours.

We got ready some food colouring, white crayon, flour, art papers etc. I explained to Ming some possibilities that he could explore with colours. I spent a long time in the morning observing him. He loves drawing from young, and he has tonnes of imagination and creative ideas. However, I have never encouraged colouring for whatever reasons. He was uncomfortable with the exploration. He didn't like the feeling of wet, dirt and colours on his body.

We started with very basic things like mixing different colours to see the effects. Then he was left to explore on his own.

Techniques: Finger paint on a dry art paper. Creating a butterfly from the finger paint.

Techniques: Draw with a white crayon on an art paper. Then wet the paper. Next, Ming used different ways to apply colours on the wet paper and watch how the colours spread. Lastly, he sprinkled some flour on the painting.

Techniques: Draw with a white crayon on an art paper. Mix food colouring with flour to make them like paste. Paint onto the dry art paper. Colours appeared sharper and not so diluted.

The following was the best part that both of us enjoyed very much. I could see him lightening up and engaging fully to explore on his own.

I got this idea from a blog and tried to fit it into this exploration. It's called "Ice Cube Painting" (..... got to work on them fast in our hot climate else they melt away).

Techniques: Paint different colours onto ice cubes and put on a dry art paper. As they melt, it's a great opportunity to draw and paint and have fun!!!

Final result!!!!! We could not keep the painting because it was drowned by the water.

Later in the day, I tried to repeat the same exploration with my two older boys.

It was a more difficult process and did not turn out as harmonious as I hoped. They were impatient, trying to complete as many as they could, and trying to "draw" rather than "explore" as the latter was a new concept to them. Another observation was their attitude to expect things to come to them, to be provided, to be determined by other people.

This exploration turned to be more than art and colour. It is a good exercise for character building too.

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