Thursday, 7 June 2012

Beach Campfire in Penang - 2 June 2012

We planned a last minute trip to Penang during the school holidays. I guessed every other family was planning to go somewhere, that's why traffic was very heavy. We started the journey at 12.30pm and arrived at our destination at 8.30pm, with about 2-hour stopover. 

Stopover for the local delicacy - fresh steamed baby octopus at Nibong Tebal. It was chewy and could be quite addictive after the first bite. The boys were wary at first but thumbs up to them for giving it a try!!

Weather in Malaysia has been extremely hot - intense heat especially in the afternoon. It's much better to enjoy the beach in the evening when the weather is cooler. 

Football siesta at the beach!

More local people streaming in to the Tanjung Bunga beach after sunset to enjoy the breeze.

Beach acrobat

Looking for crabs and clams on a moonlit beach

The boys have so much fun on the beach with their cousin.

Highlight for the night - a beach campfire!!

This was really an impromptu campfire, fortunate there were some good samaritans around to give us lighter, fire starter and cardboards. 

This was our family's first campfire. We have corns, sweet potatoes, sausages and marshmallow. The most sought after items were the marshmallows.

An enjoyable and relaxing night - we left the beach past 11pm, the boys have not stayed so late on a beach before, but it was most worth it.

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