Monday, 25 June 2012

Classroom in the Park - 8 June 2012

Unveiling the secrets of Taman Warisan Pertanian in Putrajaya - an agricultural education park with a variety of fruits, herbs, spices and agricultural crops. 

Posting by Xian Wei:

Why were these branches upside-down? Guess the name of this tree. 

Our guide was cutting the bark of a cinnamon tree....... It has a strong smell!

Hmmm..... I wondered which hand could reach the fruit first.
Our guide showed us a pineapple plant. If you cut the crown of the pineapple, then you can plant it again.

We went to a small paddy field. We saw duckweeds which were the small green floating plants. These plants could take up a lot of oxygen,  they must be controlled.

After that, we learnt to plant at the Little Farmers' Program.  Our guide taught us to plant using recycled bottles.

Busy at work.........

The finished work........

Rubber-tapping demonstration

Looking at the latex dripping into the bowl....

The leaves of rubber tree were always in groups of 3, like three fingers.

After collecting the latex, put into a container. Then pour some formic acid (it makes you itchy if you touch it) to harden it. Flatten it like 'roti canai'. After that use rollers to roll and  pattern it. Next, soak the sheets in water to wash away the acid. Finally, hang to dry before put the rubber sheets in the smokehouse for 4 days.

Hip-Hip Hooray!!!!

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