Friday, 22 June 2012

Fishing in Semenyih - 6 June 2012

Posting by Xian Wei:

After a tiring trip to Penang/Ipoh, my family and I went fishing with our cousins at the Fish Valley Semenyih. As it was our first time fishing, we were actually feeding the fish!!

The charge was RM10 per fishing rod for unlimited hours of fishing at the small pond - less than 3kg fish pond (Big pond will cost RM20). If you want to take back the fish you have caught, you will need to pay!!

After that, we asked a man to teach us how to fish and put the bait to the hook. The hook accidentally poked my finger. It was very painful. But it was not deep nor bleeding. What luck! The bait was actually fish pellets but we had to put in some water to soften it. The lump looked like poop!

He showed us an example how to throw the fishing line and when he threw it you must NOT stand behind him.

Waiting for the fish.....We tried and tried, but we ended up feeding the fish. When we had to go home, we finally got it! But we did not get a single fish .....:(

My cousins and I climbed from tree to tree (like monkeys) beside the fish pond. It was fun. My aunt was practising her clarinet for her coming performance.

This big catfish was caught by another visitor. He used a fishing rod to catch the fish and the worms from the ground as bait. I would like to come to this place again, hopefully next time I could catch a real fish.

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