Monday, 10 December 2012

Brilliant by Day, Magic by Night - 4 Dec 2012

Going to parks is a must for us in Singapore. The parks and gardens were very well-maintained, safe, and best of all, they're free. 

We decided to drop by Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, which was the nearest from our hotel in Orchard Road. It's considered small, about the size of 4 football fields and developed along the theme 'All life on earth depends on plants'.

Kids were free to roam around, climb and explore. Loved Food for Thought, a garden-themed restaurant,  so spacious and great food. Wei was standing beside a giant tree trunk that was struck by lightning, a great effort to preserve this 100-year old tree trunk.

Our favourite section was the water plants and floating platform. We have fun feeding the fishes and terrapins in the pond. 

Plants were labeled with brief notes. Water plants from top (clockwise): papyrus, water banana, water lettuce & water fern, water lily (huge!), hydrilla, water hyacinth and cattail.

Exploring the Indian banyan trees, which were part of the tree house. Kids ran so fast I could not even take a picture of them!!

We went to a different side of the Botanical Garden at Tanglin Core to see the display of lights and ornaments on the trees at night. It was past 9 pm, but there were still people at the park. 

Heritage trees like mahogany were the highlights and adorned with beautiful lights along with more than 200 Christmas trees decorated by volunteers.

Gardens by the Bay at night

Walking to the Gardens by the Bay from Marina Bay Sands' bridge

Supertree Grove at night. There's a display of light and sound at 7.45 pm and 8.45 pm every night. If you do not want to watch it from the OCBC Skyway, you can watch it for free from the Marina Bay Sands' bridge. 

The Helix Bridge to complete the entire walkway around Marina Bay 

A 3.5 km waterfront promenade

Another laser light show at the waterfront promenade at 8 pm nightly.

A stroll along the waterfront after dinner was the best. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

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