Thursday, 27 December 2012

Kindergarten Graduation! - 26 Dec 2012

Brandon has officially graduated from Kindergarten and we couldn't be more proud of him. I can't express just how much I love homeschooling him. It's very rewarding to watch him learn and grow, and to provide a rich and varied learning environment for him. I thank God that we're able to homeschool even for a short period - it's been a blessing for us.

We wanted to make it a special event and took him to a studio to have his graduation photo taken. Time is going by too quickly. I can't imagine he's just a tiny baby I held in my arms 6 1/2 years ago. He has grown so much this year and not just academically, but physically and emotionally too. 

We brought him to his favourite restaurant for a special lunch. 

Obviously, his favourite was dessert....

A new chapter... here he comes!

We're not trying to advocate homeschooling or conventional schooling. There's enough debate out there. We've gone through our decision making process on the type of schooling at this point in time. Brandon, like his brothers, will be going to a school next year for Standard One. Teaching or learning is not an institutional activity, it's also not a phase, so it does not mean that I will stop the 'teaching and learning' next year. 

I read somewhere that teaching or learning is a way of living and being. Sounds practical. It happens through constant change, and will be continuous, therefore a way of being. It's an organic quality and it's how we are naturally. 

The pressure to be competitive and learn to get good grades and go to college is prevalent everywhere. But somewhere along this journey of life, we'll realise that college is only four years, whereas the rest of your life, is .... forever.

Thank you for the parents whom we've had the privilege of knowing, and who have shown to us learning as a way of living and being, ever dependent on God, even if it means taking time and effort and moving out of their comfort zones, making mistakes etc - regardless of the types of schooling for their kids. 

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  1. He has been a good boy and is growing so much!


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