Monday, 17 December 2012

Endangered - Your Child in a Hostile World


Arnold concedes that bringing up children in the 21st century is going to demand everything of us. Every parent and educator wants to be more effective. We want the best for our kids. Endangered does not offer child-rearing tips, but a new perspective of viewing children and parenting. I highly recommend this book in light that many of us still find it hard to accept the horror of the Newtown shooting of young kids in US. The shooter appeared to be a shy, intelligent young man and homeschooled by his mother. But the hard reality is that this does happen regardless of the choice of education. Everyone is concerned about violence and everyone agrees it is bad for children. But why do people believe that guns and bombs are the answer?

In the Foreword, the author mentions that we stand at a crossroad between prosperity and progress, and on the other, millions are trapped in situations of homelessness and unemployment, starvation and disease. Evils such as racism, violence and neglect affect people on both sides of the divide. 

The forces that transformed society so rapidly over the last generation continue to change at such a rate that it is anyone’s guess what the world will look like in even a decade or two. But one would have to be extremely naive to predict that it will be a safer or happier place for children. A book on parenting can’t change the world. But parents and teachers can – by saving each child entrusted to them. And that’s the reason for this book. The book offers you the encouragement of others who have “been there.” Whether single, married, or divorced, whether comfortable or struggling, these people have children of their own or work with children, and the wisdom reflected in their stories is rooted in the realities of daily life. But it is also born of hope. Because no matter how dark the horizon seems, we must never forget that for us, as for children, a new millennium – and the chance for a new start – begins every morning.

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