Thursday, 21 March 2013

Brietling Jet Team Air Show - 16 Mar 2013

The Brietling jet team, made up of French ex-fighter pilots, with its aerobatics jet performance in seven L-39C Albatros jets at Subang Skypark Terminal Airport.

Going up to altitude

Roll over


Completing a loop

Fly by formation

Inverted flight

 Apache looping - looked almost like a collision

Apache looping

Synchronised duo

Synchronised duo

Last fly by

Preparing for the split

 Final split before flare off

Flare off!!

Huge turnout braved the scorching heat to watch the French aerobatic team.

A solo performance by the Malaysia's own Krisakti team in an Extra 300 aircraft. We've no idea there's a Krisakti team performance later that afternoon too, otherwise we would have stayed back to watch it. It was a brilliant solo display but unfortunately, we were distracted by the Brietling team as their jets landed.

It's an extra special day for our good friend, Lion who finally got his much awaited permanent resident ID card on this bright, cheerful day!!

Vistajet - an expensive private jet for the rich & famous

It's a perfect weather for an air show, but the heat was really too much to stay back any longer after the first aerobatic team display. At least, we're grateful that we're able to watch one of the top teams in the world so near to our home rather than fly to LIMA Langkawi, which will be held next week.

Cool idea - a Solar Cap cum Fan!

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